Four ladies… Marija Mirković, Nataša Mihajlović, Jelena and Nevena Buča, are members of “The Frajle” band. Four vocals and two acoustic guitars cannot possibly bring to mind what “The Frajle”, in fact, are. Their remakes, which have been winning the audience since 2009, are their peculiarity, which distinguishes them from the other performers on the music scene and magnetically attracts the audiences of various musical directions and tastes.

…one show! “The Frajle” achieve what many cannot understand – at the same concert they hold the audience equally absorbed regardless of what they perform – from Russian-Gypsy music, to current pop-rock songs. Sometimes they give the impression of a cabaret troupe – the effect of their impressive costumes – which also make them significantly different from the rest of the scene.

Releases… So far, “The Frajle” have released three studio albums, the first of which is the author material “Our first album from the trips” (release of PGP Serbia and Aquarius Records Croatia), also widely known by the first single and music video for the song “Ich liebe dich” (published in December 2010). The music video “Ich liebe Dich” is a short movie about love with elements of a cabaret. That form of a music video is regarded by the profession as unusual and totally different refreshment on the regional music scene. The second single “High Heels”, was released early in July 2011, while the song “Fine Girl” took over the radio broadcast shows and indicated a great success of the entire album. The same song gets its TV-adaptation and wins the first place on MTV Top Chart. In cooperation with “Gramophonedzie”, the song “Money Loves Me” gets a remix version along with the music video, which also hits the top of MTV charts and, together with the musical video “Fine Girl”, wins the “MTV Play Awards” in 2014.

The second release, the EP “A Side of Love”, was published in the spring of 2014, again in cooperation with the same publishers (PGP Serbia and Aquarius Records Croatia). Two songs from this release had outstanding music videos: “When We Kiss” and “For the End”. With this edition, “The Frajle” confirm that the success of the first album did not come accidentally. On this release, “The Frajle” cooperated with reliable producers: Vojislav Aralica, Magnifico, Ante Gelo, whose approaches further strengthened the value of the project.

The third release, “B Side of Love”, came as a product of authors’ maturing and experience that brought very notable presence to it on the regional music scene in the last three years.

The album includes the song “She Had a Nice Cleft Chin” which, performed by “The Frajle”, got a new, fresh and interesting interpretation. Author song “Sarajevo” is definitely a hit, in which Sarajevo has been praised and described as a city that everyone is always happy to return to. Introductory single, “I’m Changing the Days”, became a hit of the summer in Serbia in a very short time. Remake of the song “In Your Hair to Sleep”, has recalled memories of a special man Toše Proeski, who originally sang this attractive song. On the album, there is also a song “Crazy about You”, and the well-known guitar virtuoso Stochelo Rosenberg, who is worldly recognized as one of the greatest guitarists of our time, features in its French version. Apart from the mentioned songs, there are several author songs more (“The Secret”, “Why Love Has to Be Hidden”, “Beg Me, Beg”) on this album, which reveal a brand new appearance of “The Frajle”, but also retain, at the same time, their peculiar essence after which they have already become known, gladly listened and loved by a number of listeners in the region.

Live performances and awards… “The Frajle” performs across the region and win the hearts of audience in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia alike. Among notable performances, there were the concerts in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary… In addition to the concerts on squares and in theatre halls, “The Frajle” are proud of concerts at unusual places, such as on an airplane at 10,000 meters, in the European Parliament in Brussels, in a hospital, monastery, kindergarten, shop window, etc.

They have won numerous awards, including: two MTV awards (“MTV Gold Award” for music videos “Fine Girl” and “Money Likes Me” – remix DJ Gramophonedzie), “Oscar of popularity for the best-selling album”, “Oscar of popularity for the best pop-band”, “Runjić Seagull” for their contribution to music, “Naxi Radio Award for the most listened song”, “Golden Ladybird for Balkan group of the year”, “Good Feeling Award” and “Hello Magazine award for humanity”, as well as a variety of awards and recognitions from the public, media, colleagues and critics.

The Heart… “The Frajle” regularly appear at charity concerts and events. Through their involvement, they supported the success of numerous charity projects across the region. They participate actively in two major humanitarian stories: in Croatia, for the Association “All for her” which provides support for women suffering from breast cancer and, in Serbia, the “Nataša Kovačević Foundation” which helps the development and education of young athletes and sportsmen with health problems. They are always wholeheartedly willing to help those in need. Among numerous charity concerts, the concert for children with Batten disease, “Let's Clean Serbia” campaign, “Festival of women's sport”, “Project to help children from Kosovo”, charity concert at the Music school “Petar Konjović” in Sombor, “A Girl Who Loves Life” campaign, concert for children with cancer “Nurdor” and “DM Drogerie Markt” campaign for the “Living Upright” Centre – especially stand out.